Christian Chess Fellowship

This club is for everyone who have a passion for the game of chess and for Christ.


Rated matches and tournaments

We are affiliated with the US Chess Federation, and also with the Florida Chess Association.

    We are a private chess club for believers of the Christian faith.

Beginners Welcome

Learning Chess
is very easy

You are never too old or too young to learn how to play chess and to enjoy playing it. You do not even need to have speaking ability. We offer free group lessons and private paid lessons. But here is link to a great video tutorial that makes it very easy to learn in few minutes.

Visit our clubhouse

We offer Weekly
in person meetings

Although we are Christians, during chess club meetings our discussions and activities are all focused on the game of chess. We meet at a private space in a safe area where we offer totally free group lessons, weekly matches, and monthly tournaments that are rated by USCF.

We're on

Online Chess

We use as our main online platforms. It's a 24/7 website dedicated to millions of chess players around the globe who love the game. It is a place to learn to play, improve your playing, play chess instantly anytime, and enter tournames for fun or ratings. Find us in under "connect" > "clubs".

Many Online Lessons

We're also on

Lichess is a free and open-source Internet chess server run by a non-profit organization of the same name. Users of the site can play online chess anonymously and optionally register an account to play rated games. There are several YouTube videos that shows you how to use (find us under community > club section).

Income Potential

Earn Money
playing chess

We award hundreds of dollars to the winners in our monthly club tournaments. And together we attend larger tournaments where you can earn tousands of dollars for winning. Additionally, some players earn over $100,000 a year with their internet presence.

We're Christians

About our
christian faith

We believe that long ago the Son of God came, was crucified, and resurrected. He promised that he will be back. Before he left, he left us a free gift which we are to understand and claim before he returns. We strongly believe that once saved, always saved (per the Bible).