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Outside of our weekly meetings, where we meet to play matches and OTB tournaments, all communications with members will now be through our club presence hosted at -- so it is strongly recommended that you signup there for a free or paid account to take advantage of our online forums, chat, tournaments, news annoucements, lessons, quizzes, and private messaging system.

We use as our main online platforms. It's a 24/7 website dedicated to millions of chess players around the globe who love the game. It is a place to learn to play, improve your playing, play chess instantly anytime, and enter tournames for fun or ratings. Find us in under login >> connect >> clubs.

The FREE account allows you to play unlimited chess games, you can join our online club version and take part of our activities, and also enjoy other many other benefits listed below. It is via that we communicate with our members: on forums, chat rooms, news announcements, online matches and tournaments, etc.

You can keep the free account for as long as you like.

But there are also other premium membership levels, that for a small fee, starting at $29 per year gives you a lot more benefits. You can get started with the FREE account then upgrade whenever ready.

It is the idea that if you are really serious about playing chess and explore real income potential as a professional player, then the DIAMOND Plan is recommended ($8.25/month or $99/year).

BASIC (free) account

This is the account that all members have upon signup. A free account comes with access to all of the following:

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GOLD accounts

The first tier of our premium accounts starts at $5 per month or $29 per year. Gold accounts get everything a basic account gets, PLUS:

  • NO ADS
  • 25 puzzles per day
  • Puzzle rush and Puzzle battle per day
  • Lessons: Study any Lesson from the first two sections of the Guide for free - plus any other three Lessons per week.
  • Unlimited game review and analysis
  • Access all 67 computer personalities
  • Play multiple games at once. Host your own simul! 
  • All Drills unlocked
  • Use Advanced editing tools on your profile page
  • Create your own club
  • Unlocks all Endgames positions
  • Earn 3 vacation days per month and store up to 60 vacation days
  • Unlock full use of opening explorer, look any number of moves deep! Use opening explorer to explore your own games! 
  • Automatic time-out protection for Daily games
  • Custom flair icons

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PLATINUM accounts

The next tier, for those serious about puzzles, for $7 a month or $49 per year, Platinum accounts get everything Basic and Gold accounts get PLUS:

  • Unlimited puzzles 
  • Unlimited Puzzle rush and Puzzle battle
  • Lessons: Study any Lesson from the first three sections of the Guide for free - plus any other five Lessons per week.
  • Unlimited game review and analysis
  • Earn 5 vacation days per month and store up to 90 vacation days
  • Additional Custom flair icons
  • Invite friends to your analysis board 

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DIAMOND accounts

Diamond is the top tier membership, for true chess enthusiasts! For $14 per month or $99 per year, Diamond accounts get everything Basic, Gold and Platinum accounts get PLUS:

  • Unlimited Lessons in all sections!
  • Unlimited access to our huge video library!
  • Unlimited Game Review + Move Explanations! 
  • Unlimited Puzzles, Puzzle Rush and Puzzle Battle! 
  • Access the Insights feature to see stats and data on all your games!
  • Additional Custom flair icons!
  • Customize analysis settings to get the most out of analysis!
  • use Max Analysis to go deep on difficult positions!

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